Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!
May Christ dwell in your hearts and homes through the next week and in 2014. 
Thanks to so many of you who made this year a success for the business.  I truly enjoyed making new friends and reconnecting with others!  Looking forward to serving you in the year to come, but FIRST I am taking a baby break the end of January.  : )    

Monday, August 12, 2013

Maternity shoot

 I had a lot of fun with Dorothy and her family!  She is so creative and I love when clients can contribute to their photo shoots.  She did just that.  I absolutely can't wait to photograph her sweet little's gonna be great! For now here is the maternity photos...

Yes, it's a boy!  Can't wait to see what wonderful clothing ideas she has for a boy, because she does a cute job with the girls.


Best baby ever!!!!! She gets the gold medal for being the most agreeable little gal.  I had to reschedule the session, making baby a bit older than I prefer, so I was skeptical going into the session...but it went perfect! Here the sweet little one is...

Thank you for being the SWEETEST!!!!


I met baby Dakota and his mama at the Project.  It was warm and sunny...definitely didn't need to worry about baby getting a chill!  With all sisters at home, a baby boy was a delight to have in their family.  Welcome, Dakota!

Such a blessing-these little people are!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Christmas sessions

I know it sounds like Christmas in July, but just wanted to give a forwarning...Christmas sessions are already booking...if you are interested in me doing photography this fall, please notify me sooner rather than later, especially if you're looking for a weekend shoot.  I have a number of weekends taken already.  I want to do my best to accommodate everyone, so let me know...we don't need to decide on a specific time or spot to do them, or finalize all the details right away, but at least I can block a spot of time for you on my calendar.

Now I have to post a little more son!  He was so delighted for mama to spend time behind the camera with him and nobody else this time.  Here are a couple of shots for you to enjoy! : )

My fave!  Absolutely love how he crossed his feet.  That is so him!

Erik, I don't have a clue what I'd do without you!  We love you so much, and I pray God will always watch over you!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy weekend!

Have a happy weekend to each and every one of you...'cause we sure are!  More wedding posts coming soon. Meanwhile here's a favorite little farmer.

Once again, enjoy your weekend!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Curtis & Katrina wedding

Weddings...yes, they make me happy...(along with so many other things).  It's so wonderful seeing people delighted to start their lives together.  Anticipating a future together.  This wedding was no exception.  She had very pretty colors, and I absolutely LOVED her flowers.  The shade of pink she had was my favorite...and that's saying alot, since I am usually not a "pink" fan.  Check it out...

And now for her lovely details!  She did an amazing job with that.

Congratulations and God bless your marriage, Curtis and Katrina!


Spring...I love spring. All the new life bursting forth.  It wonders me how someone can refuse to believe that God is the giver of new life when it is so evident in nature.  It makes me want to shout it to millions...Our God is surely alive. Can you not see it in the bursting buds, fragile bird's eggs, new shoots in my vegetable garden...lush green grass?"  Spring renews my faith in God, that He has created new life in me, because if He resurrects all these things from the dead of winter- He surely cares about each of His children.  I will share a little of my spring inspiration.  I'm am typically not a nature photographer, but occasionally I can't resist capturing it's beauty!

Now a few other of God's little miracles!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Burnell&Jalissa wedding

So you thought I became non existant...or went into hibernation...or who knows what happened to me...well, I was delightfully enjoying my slower winter, and my blog just suffered a little.  Sorry!  Well, I'm back.  Today another one of Daryl's brothers got married, so it's time to post the pics from his other brother's wedding which was in February.  It was honestly one of the coldest days of the winter, and absolutely miserable outside for pictures.  Numb fingers, numb we did a few that day and rescheduled the rest for a much warmer day! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I loved her amazing flowers.  Gerberas make me happy!

Congratulations and God bless your marriage, Burnell and Jalissa!